All Inclusive Resorts – Are they worth it?


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What is an all-inclusive resort? It is a complex where you pay at a fixed price. This fixed price includes almost everything you will need for your stay. It covers the rent of the room, the cleaning of your room daily, the use of almost all the facilities that the complex has to offer, including the pool, towels to use in the pool, all your meals and all your drinks. It may or may not cover transportation to and from the airport. It is also supposed to cover all tips for staff such as bartenders.

Each resort will have its own idea of ​​what all-inclusive means. The three basic meals a day with the room and the drinks can be counted no matter what the all-inclusive resort goes. The only exception is if it is a resort in the United States. The well Drinks will not be included. Facilities on the complex’s grounds such as swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts and game rooms are usually all included. The fitness room or gym depends on the complex. Usually, the gym is an additional fee as are the spa facilities. The gym and spa are included in resorts such as dreams and sandals. Of course, the price you pay for these complexes reflects this inclusion.

Worth it?

You must consider what you will actually use in the complex. If you’re never going to the gym or you’re never going to use a spa or spa treatments, why pay the extra money for a resort that includes all this in the price? When going to a resort that does not include this, your rate will be cheaper.


3 meals a day are great and most of the resorts can eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But if the food is garbage, it’s worth it. You can usually find standard burgers and hot dogs at all included resorts. I went to a resort where they offer seafood. Being that I do not like seafood, I did not eat much. The other 6 people I was with did it. It’s worth it for me, no. It’s worth it for them, yes.

Most resorts have different specialty restaurants. Almost all of them require you to make reservations to enter them. The problem is that when the complex is really crowded, it is difficult to get a reservation. I know it from my own experience. If you use your timeshare or a friend, ask the person from the timeshare company to make reservations for you. They will have better luck than you, since they will know the person in charge of making the reservations.


It is assumed that tips will be included in these all-inclusive resorts. If you want to get good service and be good with the waiters, it would be a good idea to distribute some dollars or the currency you use. You will be surprised at how much better you will be treated. If you want something and do not have it, they will probably find it for you. If the bar is crowded and the bartender sees it waiting for his drink, he will almost always go to the bar in front of those who do not get rid of a few dollars. The workers do not pay so much, I’m on vacation and they have families to feed. I can afford to give some extra money. It provides a better service, makes the worker happier and feels good about himself.

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